About Us

In the city of Nuremberg, Germany, engineer Josef Popp founded Bionorica, a small family owned business, which is now recognized as the company that revolutionized modern pharmaceutical medicine. Bionorica launched Sinupret®, which became the top-selling phytopharmaceutical product in Germany.

Josef's children take over management of the company. Erna Popp, a qualified pharmacist, and Dr Hans-Oskar Popp, a doctor who has specialised in natural remedies. Bionorica moves its current premises to Neumarkt, Germany. Bionorica already had a filing machine, labeling machine and it’s very first employees.

The research team determines sorrel as an anti-inflammatory, and primrose and verbena as having antiviral effects. Sinupret® for adults launches. Bionorica begins growing its own thyme to obtain optimal raw materials to use in the manufactuer of upper respiratory support, producing Bronchipret®. 

Cutting-edge technology, Phytoneering is used to research and develop Bionorica products. The Leon Heart Foundation, a nonprofit foundation for sick and disadvantaged children is founded by the current CEO and grandson of the founder, Dr Michael Popp. 

Bionorica celebrates the company’s 80th anniversary. As part of these celebrations the company organises an international symposium in Berlin entitled "Phytoneering: One Step Ahead In Thinking Research", which is attended by 250 leading scientists from over 20 countries, as well as politicians and representatives from various associations and business.

 In April 2018 the Leon Heart Foundation was renamed to “Natureheart Foundation for Kids“. The new name highlights an additional aspect in the foundation's center: to foster the competence of understanding and respecting nature.