Bionorica creates awareness of the importance and efficacy of plant-based drugs, making today‘s medicine a more herbal one every day. In order to achieve this, we decode the great potential of the active agents in plants, by applying cutting-edge research and innovative technologies to the manufacture of effective and safe plant-based medicines. Our company takes an environmentally friendly and resource-saving approach during production of our herbal medicines. We exclusively select raw materials that can be harvested in harmony with nature. This respect for nature also applies to our approach to our fellow human beings. 

Since 1930, we have continued to ensure that all of our activities are safe for our neighbors, customers, suppliers and the environment. Our team is committed to actively maintaining a sustainable supply chain and participating in solutions that help develop more lasting solutions for the planet. This begins by using our natural resources responsibly, respecting human rights wherever we operate and striving to improve society with our leading initiatives. 

Our Key Initatives Include