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Benefits of Sinupret®

Sinupret® Adult Stength Tablets and Sinupret® Kids Syrup are all natural, fast-acting herbal supplements supported by strong clinical studies to promote strong nasal passages and sinuses. Our products combines five traditional herbs that provides all natural support for your nasal passages and immune system by loosening mucus to promote healthy breathing.

Natural Path To Nasal Health

Bionorica is one of the leading global manufacturers of herbal medicines. Our vision is to make medicine even more plant-based with each and every day that passes. For over 85 years and unlike most over the counter alternatives, our team has combined modern pharmaceutical research with the effects of plants to produce the most safe, natural and effective sinus relief products on the market. 

The Power of Plants

All Sinupret products are crafted with phytoneering process to produce herbal compounds that are far superior to those found in other plant-based brands and advances our belief in the power of plants. Sinupret Adult Strength and Sinupret Kids Syrup combines five traditional herbs: verbena, common sorrel, elder flower, primula flower and gentain root. This blend of herbs provides ultimate support for nasal passages passage and sinus health.

About Bionorica

Learn more about our history in becoming the company that revolutionized modern pharmaceutical medicine.

Our Foundation

The Natureheart Foundation for Kids continues to serve the very thousands of disadvantaged children and families.


We create awareness of the importance of plant-based drugs, making today‘s medicine a more herbal one every day.

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